Imperial Egg #1

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A Free Newsprint Comic Anthology curated by the comic guru Nate McDonough.

Imperial Egg is a 48 page, black and white comics anthology printed entirely on newsprint that is the latest project from Pittsburgh-based comics-maven, Nate “Grixly” McDonough, who dons both editor and publisher hats here (and is a contributor as well!). Plenty of Pittsburghers and Copacetic regulars are among the 34 contributors on hand here. Most of the contributions are one-pagers, but there are a substantial handful of longer pieces as well. There are plenty of cool comics here – all under an egg-cellent (sorry) cover by Jasper Jubenvill – with pieces ranging from the abstract to the fantastic, from the enigmatic to the straightforward, from graphically bold to delicately rendered, from autobio to science fiction, and more. Notable pieces include Hyena Hell’s amazingly informative historical (and humorous) two-pager on 14th century Europe that focuses on St. Catherine of Siena, and Daniel McCloskey’s entertaining slice-of-life, “Vantastic Mystery.” We would also like to note here that there is also a brutally gruesome one-pager that, while clearly intended as a graphic object lesson, some readers may, nevertheless, find disturbing; if you think that might be you, our advice here is simply to turn the page and move on to the next piece, keeping in mind that it's only lines on paper...